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Apologies to any loyal readers of this blog who may have missed reading what I’ve been doing (there may be someone out there who falls into this category.  I can reassure anyone concerned about my wellbeing (or workload) that I am alive, well and busy. Apart from 2 weeks holiday

Welcome to the first post in the new Dove Nest Blog. My name is Peter Gregson and I am one of the Dove Nest Programme Managers. I’ll be blogging about anything that takes my fancy as I go about my work and travelling up and down the country. As I come across interesting

I make an apology for any avid readers of this blog who may have casually wondered where I've been for the past few weeks. I'd love to think that there are a lot of you who have missed my postings and musings. I've not fallen out of love with blogging (far

Since the start of the year I have spent a lot of nights away from home. I have a need to try and lose some weight as a result. Last week my colleagues Jenny, Gordon and I went for dinner in London at one of the Italian chain restaurants and

Last night my colleague Jenny and I went to the theatre in London to see a musical called Mrs Henderson Presents. It was an excellent evening of great music, a good story well told and lots of humour all wrapped up in a very entertaining package. And yes, there was

This week I’ve been working with a group of Future Leaders from a large financial services organisation. This is a client I particularly enjoy working with: the delegates are smart, highly motivated and keen to develop, and very nice people too. We have a particularly strong relationship with our main client

Last night I was doing the ‘meet and greet’ at Fallbarrow Hall (one of our Lakes venues) for a group of graduates, from one of our major clients who are up with us for a couple of days. For the most part, they are highly technical but have well developed

Living in the Lake District, as many of us at Dove Nest do, we're able to take advantage of the excellent train service between Oxenholme and London.

When I mentioned to one of our friends last night that I was going to London for the day she looked at me quizzically