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Inspired Motivated Proud Leadership

Inspired, motivated, proud – what our learners tell us about becoming future leaders

These are just some of the things our learners said they felt, after completing their leadership programme.

Providing development programmes that meet and exceed the needs of our client is something we’ve done consistently for over 35 years.

At Dove Nest, we believe that Individual Learning Matters. The unique experience of each learner is at the heart of what we do.  Rather than hear it from us, or from our clients, we thought we would share what our learners say about us, in their own words:

“Absolutely loved this course and there was a lot to take in. I am still trying to process it all but a valuable two days.”

 “My career development plan/goals will be refreshed this week in light of personal learnings and I’ve already discussed my ‘light bulb’ moments with my line manager and team”

“Definitely the most enjoyable and powerful event. I left feeling the most engaged and energised than I have been since joining the company and have already taken some of the learning into my day job.”

“I learned I am capable of far more than I give myself credit for. This has helped boost my confidence no-end and will help me with my presence and impact in the office”

“I got some great feedback, both positive and developmental, and left the course feeling enthused and energised.”

“I was out of my comfort zone in this environment but that’s a good thing and I pushed myself a lot on some of the activities but my sense of achievement was greater.”

“It made me more aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and things I could do to get to the next level.”

“I believe in myself more and the contribution that I can make and bring to the business. Stepping outside of my comfort zone more often, realising that there is nothing to be afraid of”

 “Amazing and totally exceeded my expectations thank you so much for the fantastic experience”

 “What an amazing few days! I feel so privileged to have been a part of it and loved every minute. It’s reminded me that my company is a great place to work”

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