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We Never Stop Learning

It has been said that the day you stop learning is the day your career begins to die. As a learning and development provider its not surprising that we believe that learning doesn’t stop just because the programme ends. This month Dove Nest is launching the Alumni Community programme, for past participants and clients. The aims of the alumni community are simple:

We’ve been privileged to work with thousands of learners, from hundreds of different organisations, over the past 35 years. We have facilitated groups learning how to have difficult conversations. We’ve helped learners develop their emotional intelligence. We’ve coached leaders, helping them become more effective, from the newly appointed managers, to seasoned senior executives. We’ve provided safe and secure support whilst learners have pushed themselves far outside their normal comfort zone. Over the years, we’ve witnessed our learner’s development, standing alongside them, every step of the way. It’s a record we can be proud of, but its more than just that.

During our programmes, we have met bright, brilliant, interesting, and amazing people. What if we could bring those people together as a network, irrespective of their role, organisation or geography? If we could bring together the brilliance we’ve seen, wouldn’t that be something incredible?

Dove Nest Alumni Community

The Dove Nest Alumni community is intended to be just that: a community. We will be sending out regular knowupdates, covering issues and advice on leadership, management and development. But more than that, we’re hoping to start a dialogue within the community and share the combined knowledge between us.

Unlocking stimulating and shaping performance, are part of the Dove Nest DNA.

We believe that, talented people don’t stop being talented once they’ve completed the course!

If you’d like to join our community, please sign up.

Or if you’d just like to talk, then call us on 015395 67878, email us at or visit our website