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Leadership Stuff We Love

Learning, its what we do for a living. But we like taking our work home with us. We wanted to share some examples of what our team is reading, watching and listening to at the moment. Here’s some of things that inspire us.



Leadership inspire lencioni

The Advantage – Patrick Lencioni

A favourite of the team. Exceptional for straightforward realistic advice on what it takes for organisations to be successful

Leadership inspire gladwell

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell presents a very interesting take on how those outside the normal “distribution curve” can be successful


Leadership inspire Sinek

Simon Sinek and how explaining the “why” is more important when it comes to leading others.

Leadership inspire Seligman

Martin Seligman, the “father of positive psychology” with one of the talks that inspired one member of our team get into work psychology as a career.


Leadership inspire Bradberry


Travis Bradberry with an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and the benefits it has for all of us.

Listening To

leadership inspire ambiguity

A great podcast about managing ambiguity

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