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Windswept wet and wild: Future Leaders of Nationwide help a School in Africa

Last week I found myself in a National Trust Car Park at the foot of Scafell Pike on one of the wettest and windiest days of the year. I was the guest of a group of intrepid managers from Nationwide Building Society, who were attempting to climb Scafell Pike, to raise money for a school in Uganda. The walk raised money for the CRMI Children of Hope Charity and the school in question was Salvation Way Primary in Bombo, Uganda.

The connection between Nationwide and the school was the culmination of ideas shared between facilitators at Dove Nest and a group of Nationwide Alumni.

Peter Gregson and Rebekah Beadle of Dove Nest, working with Jackie Bartlett of Nationwide, designed and delivered a highly successful Future Leader Development Programme over several years. During that time, Peter shared with people the work the CRMI Children of Hope charity carries out in Africa. The Salvation Way primary school not only educates and feeds the next generation of young people in the village, but it also brings hope to the community for a better future.

Many individuals in Dove Nest, and the company itself, support the work of the charity by sponsoring individual children in the school.

Given the values and principles of Nationwide, it was hardly surprising that the Alumni group wanted to help. Over several months, the group worked hard, creating multiple fund raising opportunities, including placing collection buckets in the shop at Nationwide House and selling 600 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in one day! The walk up Scafell Pike was another of these fundraising events.

So, at 9.15am on a wet wild and windswept Tuesday, I joined Peter, Rebekah, Jackie, Ewen and Stef as the Nationwide Alumni group set off. I must admit, conditions weren’t great, and the path was steep. Conversation was limited on the way up as the group climbed steadily. As you might expect, the group dug deep and everyone made it to the summit in a very respectable time.

Nationwide Charity Scafell Pike

Upon reaching the peak, the group celebrated in style with Tea and Sandwiches, very stiff upper lip. Regardless of how wet the conditions, nothing dampened the spirit or resolve of the Nationwide group.

As we made our way back down, the wind subsided enough to permit proper conversations and I spoke with some of the group. Each person had a different role and a different story but I was struck by their camaraderie and support for each other. I also got the feeling that this behaviour wasn’t reserved for something extraordinary like climbing Scafell. It seemed pretty clear that each person behaved with exactly the same spirit and character, back in the workplace.

The day after the walk, Jackie, Rebekah and Peter led a learning day designed to follow on the learning from the Future Leader Programme.

I was only a guest for the day, but I did get an insight into the values and people that populate Nationwide. Although most of them will likely never see the benefits of their fund raising for School in person, I don’t think it will stop them raising more. Like a lot of true leaders, they do it, because it was the right thing to do, not the easy thing.

If you’d like to learn more about CRMI Children of Hope you can visit their website

CRMI Children of Hope is a small charity based in the North West of England working to improve life for children and vulnerable adults in some of the poorest areas of Uganda. The charity runs 2 primary schools, offers social housing for families in need and runs a Medical Mission to Uganda each year bringing free healthcare to some of the most disadvantaged areas in the country.

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