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Maintaining Strong Leadership in Unknown Waters…


Leaders are seen to be the driving force, delivering results whilst keeping moral high. Well, as high as can be. “It’s business as usual” which should become the new hashtag trend this month. We are all in the same boat as it were. Which leads me to the phrase I saw today, “I feel like the captain of the Titanic, and I’ll be left with the ship.” Whilst no one is immune from the external factors that are playing out around us, we are forgetting we are not alone, we are all in this together. Whilst there are posts on LinkedIn, ‘Top tips to working from home’ and ‘How to stay motivated’ I ask, What about the Leaders?” These are the individuals who are having to make the challenging decisions, keeping us all on course. This is the time their leadership skills are truly put to the test.

Not only do they have to ensure their organisation carries on as normal, they have to be creative working remotely with their teams, they have a duty to supporting their people, encouraging them, despite the daily challenges they face. We all know the famous saying, of “Keeping clam and carrying on.”  It’s our leaders that pick us up when we fall and remind us, we are all as one, we’re a team.

So, I’m sure you’re asking by now, “How does a leader maintain leadership in unknown waters?” For one, they will have more than one strategy. They have to, as the goal posts and rules keep changing. Which reminds me of advice given recently, “Focus on what you can control and don’t stress about the things you can’t.” Not easy, but a great reminder to all.

Along with their multiple strategies, they need to be flexible. Having to literally ‘think outside the box’ looking beyond various traditional solutions to guide them. Then, comes the well-being of the leader. How do they ensure focus? That they don’t panic, that they can adapt and conquer unknown challenges ahead of them? This has to come from their own personal professional development. They have to put into practice what they have learnt. Only, leaders need to have continuous learning and development as the world as we know, keeps changing. So too, should our leaders and their skill set, as we’re all looking upon our leaders in these uncertain times. They need the skills in navigating their people through each challenge that arises, reassuring them it’s the best course of action.

We all have moments where we doubt ourselves and the decisions we make. It takes a true leader to minimise these worries and reassure their people, they will come out of the other end stronger, as one. The skills that will be learnt through uncertain times, is a true test of all that has been applied through leaders vigorous learning and development. It will strengthen, give confidence and remind them, they have to be open to new strategies. A need to listen, take a moment and truly reflect on the decisions they are about to make and the impact it will have on their people, their businesses and their clients, as we’ve hit a historical moment, that will be reviewed in future times. The behaviour of our leaders will be analysed in microscopic form, paving the way in which future leader’s learning and development is structured and designed when ‘leading within a crisis’.

Help is at hand; Dove Nest Group can support leaders and their people with the skills required navigating them through these challenging and unknown times ahead, as working remotely has become the new ‘norm’. Offering digital face-to-face development in the drive for ‘business as usual’.

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