Dove Nest Group

About Dove Nest Group

Over the past 40 years, Dove Nest Group has developed and delivered world-class training and development solutions that enable organisations to unlock their potential through the development of their people.

Dove Nest has built a reputation for being the supplier of choice to many leading businesses through our approach to partnering, which means going far beyond a purely transactional service.

Our partnership approach enables us to understand the values, challenges, culture, expectations, strategies and critical success factors of the organisations and people we work with. This means that we can construct and deliver the right interventions to the right people, for the right reasons and with the right outcomes.

Our key USP is the way in which we put science into development; we combine really great facilitators with a deep, and practical, understanding of occupational and organisational psychology. This enables us to create and deliver unique solutions that have real and sustainable impacts on both the participants and the business as a whole.


“Dove Nest will be able to solve every leadership issue you may have, in half the time of anyone else, at a fraction of the price”
Andrew Stephenson, HR Director, DFS

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