Dove Nest Group

Experiential Learning

Our Way of Working

As one of the leading experiential learning providers it is essential to us that any exercises used meet three major criteria. That they:

For every event we would seek to meet with the main sponsor to discuss fully what it is that they want the participants to take back to the workplace. Is there particular learning points that need to be brought out? Is the emphasis more on “fun” and getting to know each other, or are there specific organisational or team requirements? Answers to these and other questions help us to provide the best match of exercise and activity to the group and the desired outcomes for the event, the module, or the programme.




Challenge by Choice

Our way of working and the activities we structure provide participants with a wide variety of challenges, whether physical, psychological or mental. We encourage people to move out of their “comfort zone” and into the psychological area wherein learning occurs – but not so far outside that they start to move into a state of panic. This process we refer to as “challenge by choice”; it is the participant’s own choice as to how far they wish to push themselves and what challenges they wish to face. All of our activities are risk assessed and our qualified Technical Support Staff provide the requisite levels of oversight and help.

The exercises themselves, together with the environment within which they operate, be it indoor, outdoor, in the UK or globally, are mere vehicles that enable the main learning points to be illustrated, practised and reviewed. Within a development or learning programme all such exercises are followed by intensive reviews designed to elicit the appropriate learning outcomes.


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