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Management Development


Management development programmes develop existing and future managers, to build upon existing management frameworks and concepts. Expanding their skills and abilities within identified areas.


Benefits to participants can include:

Programmes can be multi modular dependent on the clients’ needs with coaching support if required. Experiential learning where exercises reflect the business and organisational problems faced by the participants in their work environment. Each exercise is followed by an in-depth review which analyses the performance of the participants, draws out the learning points and introduces appropriate theories and concepts.

The programme could include action learning sets where participants tackle real issues at work, development modules to give skills development and a development centre to give a clear platform for each individual to us in their careers.

The following topics maybe covered in the programme:
“Having worked with Dove Nest for over 10 years we are continually delighted with their professionalism, expertise and collaborative way of working. They have regularly revised programmes to ensure our changing needs are met. The quality of the trainers and their ability to build relationships with the learners is impressive.”
Paul Daynes, HR Director SGBD UK



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