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Mental Health and Well-being Assessment



At some point, almost everyone is likely to encounter a mental health problem. Research suggests the prevalence can be as high as two out of three people experiencing a mental health issue, at any given time.

Feelings of shame, weakness or being seen as not coping, can keep employee’s mental well-being issues hidden. By the time an employee reports they are struggling with a mental health issue, it can already be too late. But it is far better to get help earlier taking a more proactive approach to prevent issues turning into problems.

mental health and well-being assessment


Assessing our Mental Health

MindQ is a confidential mental well-being assessment tool. A 10-minute questionnaire, through a secure online portal, taken at regular intervals, provides valuable insight into three key areas:

1 – Life Satisfaction: Measures general well-being areas of Personal Fulfilment, Job Satisfaction, and Financial Well-Being.

2 – Resilience: Identifies stress coping profiles and brings awareness to more effective strategies to help build levels of resilience.

3 – Emotional Health: Evaluates low, intermediate, and high levels of risk for anxiety and depression.


How Does it Work?

MindQ is an online assessment tool. Individuals answer approximately 90 questions, taking about 10 minutes. Individuals will receive a confidential individual report on their mental well-being, including personalised advice on how to improve their mental health. Each report is accessible to the individual, but not their employer.

Results are colour coded, Green, Amber and Red. Areas in Green are considered well within the range of responses. Any results marked Amber and Red are areas of concern and these are explored through confidential one to one feedback from a qualified professional.

Organisations will receive a collated report, detailing the general mental well-being of all employees. Individual reports will not be accessible by the employer.


Who Can Use MindQ?

MindQ can be used by anyone, but it can be particularly useful for people in high risk or inherently high stress occupations and occupations that have an impact on public safety. MindQ can also prove useful for senior executives, or business critical positions.


mental health and well-being assessment


What Occupations and Industries might Benefit?

MindQ is the perfect assessment tool for progressive organisations who care about their employees’ wellbeing.

It can also benefit organisation operating in inherently high risk, high stress industries, or companies with high absenteeism, presenteeism, or low productivity rates.


The Science Behind MindQ

MindQ is based on industry-leading principles and methodologies, and builds upon over 10 years and 10 million dollars of psychological research.  MindQ meets four criteria crucial to ensuring efficacy and accuracy:

RELIABLE – The assessment measures the same thing each and every time.

VALID – The assessment measures what it’s supposed to measure.

NORMED – The assessment has been normed on demographically representative groups.

FAIR – The assessment does not discriminate against protected groups.


mental health and well-being assessment


Benefits for Mental Health

It is not always easy to spot the signs of worsening mental health. An assessment tool like MindQ has massive potential benefits for both individuals and organisations.

Taking Charge of Mental Health

Getting a personalised report can help us feel more in control of their own mental health. It provides a way we can begin to understand and manage our own mental wellbeing.


The confidential approach can avoid the shame and potential stigma often associated with mental health. Individuals are also more likely to be more candid in their responses, when they know the report is confidential.

Track and Follow Improvements to Mental Health

Rather than seeing mental health as good or bad, individuals can now track changes to the state of mental health. Just as fitness apps track changes over time, MindQ provides individuals with the data to see the changes in their mental health.

Directed to Support, rather than asking for help

Resources, suggestions and advice for improving mental health are built into the report. Directing people towards the help they need can be more effective, than waiting for people to ask for help.

Potential for Earlier Intervention

Rather than waiting for a mental health problem to spill over into the workplace, regular MindQ assessment can highlight potential warning signs in advance. Each report flags up potential areas of concern, which are fedback by qualified psychologists, psychotherapists or similarly qualified professionals. Sometimes minor changes, early on can prevent larger problems from developing.

 What does it cost?

MindQ can be ordered on a report by report basis, through purchasing MHS tokens from Dove Nest. MindQ is just one of the products that tokens can be used for.


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