Dove Nest Group

CSR Customer Focus

A series of community based projects where graduates have opportunity to provide actual benefit to the community and gain real life experience where actions have real consequences.


  • Participant will gain practical experience of a real live project and take responsibility for a project themselves
  • A greater awareness of the importance of stakeholder management
CSR Customer Focus


An event that may span several weeks delivered in separate elements, including launching the event, the implementation of the project and a mid-project review and telephone conferencing during the analysis and planning stages. Based on action learning, this module will be highly participative and will require the graduates to fully utilise their combined skills and talents. The CSR project selected would be relevant in two ways; both from the graduate’s perspective and the community partner involved. It is expected that the graduates will take complete ownership and responsibility for delivery from initial scoping and planning through to implementation and can be linked to a direct ROI for the business.

Sample CSR Project