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In many situations when managers move up in an organisation they can get trapped by micromanaging their teams, or managing at the level below the one at which they should be operating. This approach is for individuals and teams where the aim is to deliver high performance for the client.

Business Coaching is a powerful approach to building a leadership programme, ensuring that in the 70:20:10 scenario learning is occurring in the workplace. Developing your in-house coaching capacity can be guided and enhanced by attaining an ILM Coaching qualification, giving more credibility to your own coaches.

A Business Coaching approach can help to build a learning organisation and not a ‘show-and-tell’ organisation. We also use coaching as core ingredient in many leadership and development programmes we deliver.


The need for coaching may be identified by the individual as a result of a job or project role, or as the result of a performance review. It is therefore important first to gain buy-in as to the suitability and “fit” of the coach to the client. Once this is established, sessions are programmed to fit in with the client’s working schedule.

The first session will clarify objectives and realistic outcomes, enabling coach and client to scope the agenda for the remaining sessions. These can take place in any suitable environment with a degree of privacy, but will usually be held at the client’s own workplace during normal working hours. Alternatively, once the relationship between coach and client is established, coaching may be done by telephone, rather than face-to-face. This provides greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness, but is not suitable for all clients.

The specific content covered during any executive coaching contract is driven entirely by the client. It is most likely to be linked to the individual’s business objectives, work programme and targets. Where the coaching has been specified following a performance review, the focus will be on those competences identified during the review as needing development. An individual coaching assignment is usually from four to seven sessions of up to two hours each, typically with three to four weeks between each session.


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