Dove Nest Group

Dove Nest Group’s Apprenticeship Sub-contraction Statement

Dove Nest Group are committed to providing high quality, learner-centric apprenticeships that meet the needs of the apprentices and employer. In most cases all delivery of the apprenticeship will be carried out by the Dove Nest Group, who have specialised in the delivery of Leadership and Management training for over 30 years. However, in some limited instances we will work with a third party who would support our delivery with the provision of selected services within the apprenticeship. This will only be in instances where the use of the third party would enhance the apprentice experience and it is agreed with the employer that the service can meet or exceed the academic standard required within the apprenticeship. At all times Dove Nest Group will lead the employer relationship.

The use of a subcontractor will only be to enhance the specialist, expert provision with selected knowledge, skills and behaviours which complement the leadership and management knowledge and expertise that Dove Nest Group has. We provide a transparent cost breakdown and seek to ensure we provide value for money through effective subcontractor management.

Any subcontractor must satisfy a detailed and appropriate due diligence process which includes but is not limited to: appraisal of Ofsted or applicable assurance reports for validation of quality, appraisal of trainer qualifications, business continuity plans and must be on the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

Dove Nest Group retain the oversight and responsibility for the quality of all training provision. This is ensured through quarterly quality monitoring reviews so that our subcontractors as subject to a rigorous evidential quality monitoring process, quality assuring our subcontractors delivery and the apprentices experience.

Subcontractor delivered knowledge, skills or behaviour will be funded at or below cost price to the employer using the guided learning hours defined within Dove Nest Groups programme of delivery for the relevant unit at the hourly wage (including on costs) of the individual delivering to the apprentice. This value takes into account variations for methods of delivery and is to ensure the employer only receives funding of value at or below their costs of delivery aligned to the funding rules for eligible and ineligible costs. The training price funded by the ESFA will take this price and management costs of the subcontract into consideration.

Subcontracting Management Policy v1.0 2022