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Leading People and Teams

Developing High Performing Teams does not happen by accident, there is a need to actively connect the diverse skills and behaviours, driving towards common goals through support, challenge and development.

A team does not need to be broken or in a poor place to benefit from a team development programme.

At Dove Nest we believe that each individual needs to deeply ‘know themselves’ before they can get to ‘know others’. This understanding goes well beyond surface strengths and development areas to the underlying drivers, motivators and intent.

The best Team Development programmes are deeply entwined with the business context, thus making any intervention a programme not just an event. This will encompass on-going activity at work such as scheduled ‘handbrake’ sessions for the team to stop and review their progress and performance.

Strategic Team Development will also explore how ‘Tipping Points’ affect a business and ‘learning to see’ how to create Tipping Points in the future.

To find out how Dove Nest can support you in developing your people and teams please check this video out.


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Leading people and teams