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Dove Nest CEO Dave Moore

Introduction from our CEO

Thank you for visiting our site; we look forward to meeting you soon to talk about your business. The corporate world is still emerging from a period of significant turbulence and we are all looking to the future. The most important component of the new era is an organisation’s people. The shackles are coming off; people will look for new opportunities within their current organisation or may be looking for fresh fields.

At Dove Nest Group we pride ourselves on our ability to meet client requests with enthusiasm, passion and most of all with solutions that continue to provide outstanding results. We value our clients’ opinions and for over 35 years our reputation has gone from strength to strength in delivering what’s “on the tin”.

Our key USP is putting science into leadership. Many organisations either have great trainers and facilitators or have a strong psychology base; we combine the two, enabling us to create and deliver unique solutions. Your return on investment is important to us. You invest in your people through their Dove Nest experiences and your business deserves a return. We’re happy to discuss ROI measures in detail; for many companies the combination of performance improvement and seeing the company values being lived every day is enough.

People who get to know Dove Nest as delegates have fun, they learn and they apply their learning to their everyday lives at work and home. Please explore our website or contact us directly.

Dave Moore
Co-Founder and CEO