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Mentor Matching Solution

Dove Nest is proud to add a new product to our portfolio, our Mentoring Database Solution

Mentor matching solution

Nearly every organisation encourages mentoring, but quite often the matching of mentor to mentee can be dependent on professional networks within the business. The knowledge and ability to match people up wider than from business network circles could result in better mentoring and business outcomes not to mention more cross functional networking, which many companies strive for.Our solution allows employees to register interest, initially as either a mentor or mentee, and to qualify what they can offer or what they are looking for in a match. These questions cover skills, behaviours, location, experience and indeed can be tailored for what suits your environment.

The tool will then provide suitable matches to the administrative function to allow a central resource to control connections. The powerful administration function extends to allow tracking of mentoring relationships across your organisation and our solution can be incorporated into your existing IT solutions.

Here at Dove Nest we can also offer one to one training or workshops on how to be an effective Mentor, so contact us today for the complete package to ensure that your organisation is using its best knowledge and resource to bring the next talent through.